Helen Paslay

Family Nurse Practitioner

Helen Paslay

About Helen

My name is Helen Paslay and I’m a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and have worked in health care for over 12 years. I have cared for my patients in primary care, emergency medicine, outpatient surgery, solid organ transplantation, and pain management settings.  Family Nurse Practitioners have four years of advanced additional education beyond the two years required for Registered Nurses in medicine with extensive clinical training in adult, geriatric, pediatric, and women's health and can practice independently in primary care or specialty medicine in the State of Arizona.

My heart guided me to a career in nursing after significant contemplation of how I can best serve those in need.  My roles models include Mother Teressa who gave so much of herself to the suffering people of the world, Florence Nightingale who cared for wounded soldiers and created nursing theory, and Dr. Jonas Salk who dedicated his life to eradicating debilitating diseases.  I’m also proud to be part of the nursing profession that, since 2001, has ranked as the number one profession in honesty and ethical standards in the United States.   

I graduated with Honors from Grand Canyon University, obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner, along with my current Doctor of Nursing Practice studies, from Grand Canyon University.

I worked at Mayo Clinic Hospital (Phoenix Campus) for eight years and was very fortunate to refine my medical skills working with and learning from some of the best practitioners in the world at the number one ranked Solid Organ Transplant Unit in the United States.

I immigrated to the United States after marrying my husband, a United States Marine, in 1999.  I’m very proud and feel extremely fortunate to have been allowed to become a United States Citizen, an honor I will never take for granted.  I live, work, play, and worship in Prescott, Arizona, love the people here and give you my word that, with your help, I’ll do everything I can to keep you healthy or make you healthy again.  

Simply, as your primary care provider, I will utilize my excellent assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan development, pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic intervention, and preventive health care skills, employing thorough diagnostic and laboratory interpreting abilities while using my experience in quantitative and qualitative research critiquing skills in translating the latest evidence into practice, to bring you the best compassionate and evidence-based health care available.