Dr. David Jensen

Osteopath & Family Medicine


About David

Improving lives is my passion. My name is Dr. David Jensen and I am an Osteopath who is board certified in Family Medicine but refuse to stop there. My FP core has served as the starting point for my journey as a healer as I continually explore modalities that are outside of the box. I pride myself on looking for new ways and different angles to approach difficult health challenges.

I have been 7 years post residency but come with a lot of experience in my relatively short tenure. I served as the Medical Director for TERROS for over 3 years helping that wonderful organization establish several primary care clinics and ultimately helping them to achieve a highly coveted Federally Qualified Healthcare (FQHC) designation. While with the organization my interest in behavioral medicine grew and I developed a knack for managing anxiety and depression as well as helping my patients to discontinue habit forming medications while still maintaining comfortable control of their lives.

I am Suboxone certified and have developed a practice of helping individuals who are ready to leave their opiate addictions in a way that is possible and attainable. I also pride myself on aggressively treating tobacco addictions and maintain an extremely high quit rate among my once tobacco dependent patients.

I have training in prolotherapy regenerative medicine and can help with a multitude of sports and life injuries in ways that can safely forestall surgery and provide for a more comfortable and active lifestyle.

I don’t just write for medications; I routinely test my patient’s ability to metabolize medicine in order to help each patient receive a medication that they can safely and effectively utilize based on their individual genetics. I also work with my patients to minimize the number of medications that are necessary to lead a healthy life, frequently evaluating which medications can be safely reduced. I give my patients who desire to use fewer medications a plan to do so when possible. I believe in helping the body to do what it is designed to do through all natural means possible.

I am also fluent in conversational Spanish and have participated in various humanitarian medical missions in South America with DOCARE International and Operation Smile.

In my spare time I am an avid baseball fan and player, participating in a competitive wood bat league locally. I also enjoy tennis, wakeboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking, target shooting, and just about anything that makes you sweat.

If you are ready to be treated better and treated with modalities that are not always typical then I am ready to be your doctor.